When life gives you lemons

Some of you might be wondering, what has happened to us, where have we disappeared recently. When we started thePassionova, we had great dreams and even greater hopes and expectations, what are we planning to do, where are we planning to be let’s say in a year’s time. The first year went well, we were just about there where we have imagined. And then life has happened. I moved to another city, had a new job, and there were also quite big changes at the DLV’s.

We had to rearrange our priorities and set new goals to reach, and unfortunately, we could not keep up with the hard work with thePassionova. At first it wasn’t a considerate step, it just happened, but after all, it got harder and harder to return and continue as if nothing has happened. It is really painful and awkward to write these lines because most probably none of you really – I mean REALLY – missed our content. It was us, who failed our own dreams.

Why I still want to share these thoughts, fears and doubts with you guys? I just want to set an example for myself, that there is no such thing as ‘too late to start all over again’. Just because of a hard period, a moment of setback, it is not necessary to acquiesce to failure. There is always a way to stand up and continue. Might be hard? Yes. Might be challenging? Definitely. But does it worth? Sure.

Not because of any blog, publicity or success. Purely just because of believing in yourself, and not giving up on your dreams.

Also, if there is at least one of you out there, who is struggling with some hardship, being afraid of others judgements, and can get even a small amount of empowering from these words, it has already worth to write them down.

I thank you all for receiving my words welcoming and warm-hearted, it means everything to me, to us.

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