The most frequently asked question

One of the most frequently asked questions – all around the world – is this:

What’s for dinner? 

Asked by millions of hungry mouths around 5-6 pm local time. Followed by another question: Why, what would you fancy for dinner?

And yes, you guessed it right, the answer is usually a good old ‘I don’t know’ or maybe ‘Anything will do’ or ‘Everything you make my love, makes my mouth water, so just do one of your things

And in that instant, millions of hopeless (and helpless) ‘compulsory-chefs’ want to self-combust. Every single day.

But it should not be like this!







The creative team of is working on a tool that changes the way dinner is prepared. Forever. Project #whatsfordinner is officially ON! Decide on weekly menus, prepare your custom shopping list, get pro-active and cook chef-style in less than 30 minutes!


Stay tuned, your kitchen is about to turn upside down soon!


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