Reddit Post Helps Cure Tinnitus!

Reddit Post Helps Cure Tinnitus!

As a deep lover of music this video brought tears to my eyes. And I’m sure it will you too.

A reddit post claimed to help sufferers with tinnitus by doing a simple action with their fingers.

As a dj and producer of music myself, I am hugely grateful for my hearing. I’m hugely grateful for other things too but this video, like I say, brought me to tears of joy for those in the video.

I cannot comprehend the ecstasy they must be going through and conversely what they had suffered with before being made aware of this amazing technique to cure.

Watch this video for two reasons. If you’ve tinnitus that try the technique shown to get rid or help it. The other reason is purely to see the reactions of these people.

Whoever posted that post on Reddit Thank YOU!

Remember to share this with everyone regardless if they have tinnitus or not – someone somewhere has it and could with this information.

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Much love!

Bobby 🙂

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