Ransom Letter

I always knew that those years in the shipping industry will come handy one day! Because where else would you learn how to write a ransom letter?
But don’t even think about a simple e-mail, what we needed was a proper, hand made message with letters cut out from various magazines!

Here’s what our masterpiece ended up looking like!



But let’s take a step back first.

Her name is Puma since she has the body of a young panther, slim and graceful. She is beautiful.

She made her first appearance about a month ago when I was in Houston. Well planned, girl, well planned!

So Bobby was alone when he spotted Puma on our balcony, with big pussonboots eyes staring at him. He was lost in no time and the gentleman in him called for rescue.

It was a short visit, a teaser, and Puma was gone before they could have really got to know each other with Bobby.

Then we went on honeymoon and things soon were back to normal.

Until yesterday.


Puma made another appearance

…but this time she found herself face to face with me. I was in such an emotional state, I wasn’t sure whether to scream or smile. I just didn’t know what to do. Again, Bobby came to save the day, he offered a light dinner for Puma and that she could stay the night.

You can imagine, we all went to bed with mixed emotions. Bobby and I in our bedroom, Puma in the living room.

Dream just didn’t come, I was tossing and turning and all of a sudden, I noticed footsteps coming towards our bedroom. Before I could have said a word, Puma was in our bed, between Bobby and I, her arched back and smooth backside right in my face, her soft nose searching for Bobby’s face…




I have never been a cat person

In fact, I am sure I have a bit of cat allergy as well. But having Puma comfortably settled down in our bed changed me. I am in love with this silly little kitten and I want her to stay with us.

And here comes the ransom letter into the picture. Since you can’t just keep your neighbour’s cat, no, that would be frowned upon in reputable neighbourhoods like ours, we have to follow the rules of the white collar crimes. So Puma is now our highly valued guest until the neighbours fulfil a simple demand. Otherwise, Puma stays with us.

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