Pumpkin cream soup recipe by Pipineni


I was one of those people, who hated pumpkin as a child. Something has happened to me a few years ago, and I don’t hate it anymore. In fact, I am literally obsessed with pumpkin flavoured stuff! And if we do not want to be so basic and falling for the pumpkin spice latte, here is my ultimate favourite autumn recipe. I can eat this from September to Christmas every week.


For this recipe, you will need one middle size (1-2 kilos) pumpkin. You will need also two carrots, a potato, an onion, cream, and some spices such as salt, black pepper, nutmeg and chilli. Chili is optional, but if you are into hot stuff, I definitely suggest you use it.


I clean the pumpkin, the carrots, the onion and the potatoes, and cut them into smaller pieces. Doesn’t really matter the size or the shape, it anyway will be a cream soup, it just cooks faster, if you cut them in advance. I put all the veggies into a 3 litres cooking pot and fill it up with water. On super lazy days I just throw everything in the pressure cooker, and it’s ready in five to ten minutes. In the normal pot it takes a little longer, but still under a half an hour. I add salt, pepper, nutmeg and chilli. I won’t write exact amounts, it really depends on your own taste.


When the veggies are soft and nicely cooked, I add the cream and use my hand-held blender, and mix the whole soup, until its shimmery, solid and creamy. And it’s ready to eat. On the top, you can add some roasted pumpkin seeds or bread croutons, if you are pleased to do so.



It is hot and spicy and super yummy! Definitely my favourite autumn time dish.

If you tried this recipe, please let me know, how did you like it!


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