Little Princess Problems

On a lazy Sunday, I was just browsing around on Facebook when a friend’s post popped in front of my eyes. She took her 8-year-old niece for shopping, she wanted to buy something nice for her birthday.


They went into several clothe shops, but they couldn’t find anything that she would have liked. Quite obviously, the first reaction would be to think “What’s wrong with them, that they couldn’t pick anything from those wide choices?”


Well, she didn’t want anything pink or glittery. She wanted something cool.


Finally, after spending hours in the mall, they picked a t-shirt from the boys’ section. A red t-shirt with Captain America on it. Since then it became the little girl’s favourite piece of clothing.


Well, I am 159 cm (5.2 feet) tall/short and my shoe size is 36 (UK 4). I often purchase children clothes and shoes for myself, provided I find something I like and it fits. They are not only cheaper (usually they are), but I tend to think, they are a little more durable, too.


I have to admit, before reading her post I have never really thought about it but now I realised that it is true indeed, all clothes in the girls’ sections are pink, cute, shiny, glittery, pretty dresses for pretty princesses. There is no other choice for an 8-year-old girl, just to be a princess. And if she has the courage and decides to be adventurous, clever and brave instead of being cute and beautiful, she can only dress from the boys’ section.


Children’s clothing seems to be quite an innocent topic, and it seems to be obvious that girls wear pink and boys wear blue. But if we think about it, what are we teaching to young girls by not offering them any other choices than being a princess?


Will little princesses become queens? Will they ever become doctors? Researchers, politicians, leaders, business owners? Don’t think so. Showing that being a princess is the only possible way for girls means teaching them to accept limits and ancient frames and phrases instead of thinking outside of the box.


Let’s give girls a chance to choose more powerful role models, like Wonder Woman, Pocahontas, Merida, Elza or Anna instead of brainless Disney princesses! Let’s show them an example worth following. Even in clothing.

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