How to be a perfect woman?


This is how many results I got searching for the recipe of a perfect woman.
Thanks to the Internet, we have pathways to help in the jungle of hundreds of thousands of instruction, hints, how-tos, hacks, must-knows of to obey the trends of our new brave world. There are Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat and who knows what else, to find the perfect make ups, bodies, diets, mothers and lives, users, names, all of them impatiently ready to tell us how to be flawless and fabulous.


And here I am sitting in front of my laptop in my old college trousers with a hole in the knee, covered by dog hair, with #nomakeup and a messy ponytail and trying to write a post about how to be perfect. And yes, I have to admit, I even have a pimple on my nose at the moment, and no, no way on earth I am perfect. And do I want to be? Oh yes, yes indeed, I want it more than anything else in life.


For me, a perfect woman is, first of all, a person, an individual human being.
The perfect woman wakes up every morning at 6 o’clock, early enough to have full make up ready by when her loving husband/boyfriend wakes up. Or at 10am, easy lazy, and has even her breakfast in bed whilst watching silly little cartoons. Or however she wants and feels comfy about it.
A perfect woman searches the net for the perfect make up for every single day, tries all of the new sponges and applicators, foundations and colours, she knows all the big brands and the cheap ones, and of course she knows how to use them, how to draw the perfect “insta eyebrow”. Or she may use no makeup at all, not even for a date, showing proudly all her little wrinkles or freckles. She may use 100% bio products she makes in her own kitchen for herself and for her friends for free.


The perfect woman, whether she wears makeup or not, a catwalk model for food shopping or the warrior of being natural, is 100% woman, a real woman, and she is beautiful the way she is.
The perfect woman goes to work in the morning or maybe does night shifts, or stays at home and lets her husband take care of it all. All of them are fine, as long as she is satisfied with it.


The perfect woman has a career: she is, or at least she is in line to become a leader, manager, politician. And yes, oh yes indeed, she earns the same amount of money for the same work as a man. She works the same hours as a man, in the office and also at home. But the perfect woman does not have to have a career, maybe her life is about her one/two/three/seven little human beings, and the feeling of being a mother fulfils all of her dreams and brings as much joy in her life as possible. Or she might have both at the same time, depending on how she wants to arrange her time and energy.


The perfect woman has a partner, who stands by her in joy and trouble, admires and respects her and considers her the most beautiful and perfect human being, as she truly is. The perfect woman may be single because that is what she wants to be. She may also be lesbian, asexual, anything that makes her life a whole. But the perfect woman is never to be judged by her love/sex life, because it is her very own secret, that if you are lucky enough, she may share with you.


And obviously, she has a perfect body, which can be achieved with years of hard work in a gym, or years of hard work giving birth and being a mother. It can be a temple or a messy crib for her soul, but she does feel good in that perfect body, regardless of what others may say or think about it. And in an ideal case, no one says or thinks anything about the perfect woman’s body because it is not a matter of discussion. Appearance is obviously one very important part of a human being and I don’t want to be a hypocrite to say one shouldn’t look at it. You can look at others’ body the way you look at a beautiful reflection on the water, the nature on a warm summer day, just letting the beauty and harmony touch your soul and mind.


To me, everyone is a perfect woman. My mother, you, my neighbour, the girl in front of me in the queue, and maybe even myself.

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