Happy Fall Y’all! Getting into the fall mood with Pipineni

You know, fall is coming, when the weather starts being a little more chilly, the  mornings are foggy and the grass is wet. The air is full of the smell of the yellow leaves, berries and mushrooms. Light breeze and rainy afternoons.  Fuzzy sweaters and plastic boots. The smell, when the heating season starts.

And of course rain. Who doesn’t love the smell of the rain? How it freshens up the air.  The sound of the race running drops on your window. A magical time of the year, when nature teaches us, that changes are beautiful. Fall is the beginning of the end, the messenger of winter.

If you are the one, who does not like autumn, and you have already checked our fall bucket list, and still not in the mood,  here are some tips, how to survive, how to make more warm and cozy this time of the year.

Fall inspired trays


My favourite way to spice up my place is to make fall inspired trays on my tables. I just go the woods and collect some pine cones, sticks, berries, colourful leaves, and everything which catches my eyes.  If you are not having easy access to nature, don’t worry. You can pick up all these stuff from your local craft store or just order them from the internet and use those.

There is really no rule, how to do this. Just use your creativity and see, what pleases your eyes the most. Here I show you some of my trays.





Wall art


Bringing the outer beauty inside is possible also other ways than the trays. Personally, I don’t have a printer and didn’t feel to get ready made pictures from stores, so I decided to draw my own fall pictures. I am not a big talent in handicraft, so it makes me even more proud that finally it turned out really nice.




I have also a tiny black board, which really spices up my apartment, just makes my mood so vintage and Tumblr.



Fall in bed


The bed is for sure my favourite place to be since sleeping the best thing to do! So it is essential to have my bed cosy and warm! I ordered some pillows super cheap from the internet and placed them around.

The reindeer head I got from my sister for the last Christmas. It is handmade from millboard and indeed one of the most favourite decoration items in my whole apartment. Led lights are essential, the nights are longer, days are darker, and their warm white light makes everything a little bit more romantic.




If you have made yourself at home from any of our fall decorations, or you have another idea to spice up your room/home for the season, share your thought with us. We are grateful for every of your comments and reactions!


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