Bobby De La Vega

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As the tags describe but the list is inexhaustible. Bobby has a fascination of EVERYTHING. What you can see, touch, smell, taste, hear and other senses we may or may not have.

Questioning everything, listening with an open ear and understanding with an open mind but never fully satisfied. This feeds his hunger for learning yet more about the wonder of all consciousness and all contained within and outside of it.

But despite the ongoing chase for the unattainable truth that’ll take up the rest of his life, what has been learnt is that PASSION is the key to happiness.

Find a passion and experience as much of it as you can in your life. And he’ll help in anyway possible to make that happen.

You’ll be receiving content from both conceivable and inconceivable topics but main passions are music, tech, personal development, entrepreneurship/business and the cosmos.

Enjoy Bobby’s thought provoking posts and articles intended to empower and encourage you to enjoy more of your passions 🙂