The Best Wedding Pictures

I could write an entire book about the things I have learnt while arranging our wedding. About do’s and don’t’s, how to avoid a nervous breakdown and about ‘wish someone told me this’ things.

Our wedding pictures

We had 14 months between getting engaged and getting married. I started looking early so we had the date fixed and the venue booked within the first month. We had a master of ceremony and a wedding planner coordinating everything from food to favours, a DJ to select the best tracks to keep the guests on the dancefloor and a professional photographer to ensure we had amazing pictures of the day.


On the 28th May, we had the best day of our lives. Surrounded by our family and closest friends we promised never-ending love to each other. The castle was dreamy, the food delicious, cocktails countless and the party went on till 5am.


Two weeks later we received the pictures and I spent days crying. The quality of the photos was great but everything else about them, well, made my want to cry. I didn’t like the sterile stillness of the nervous poses we forced on ourselves, the angle from where the pictures were taken, and that our love for each other did not shine through.


Alternative wedding pictures

I was devastated because you can’t just re-take your wedding pictures! What you have is what you stuck with forever. Unless you come up with something FUN! Like editing your photos and turning them into cartoon style pictures:



Or if you include your best honeymoon shots in the wedding album:








Their wedding pictures

Or you can pack your wedding dress, hubby’s suit and take them with you to EVERYWHERE you go, like this couple did:





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