Ad hoc short story by Pipineni

Georgina was standing in front of the fridge with a growling stomach, searching something to munch on. She was indifferently going through on the packages, browsing between the blue cheese, chicken wings and prawns and wondering when did she buy all these products.
With a slight disappointment, she turned to the kitchen cabinets hoping maybe there she can find something more tempting. Opening the door cans of cassoulet were lining up. Plenty of them put on top of each other. She could not recall where were those cans from. Opening one cabinet after another she was completely appalled when realized that the same cassoulet cans were everywhere in endless rows. Different brands and sizes, but all of them were this heavy, greasy combination of bean stew and pork. The last time she had anything like that was back then when… She did not even remember when was the last time. It has been at least a decade since…What? 

She stepped back to the fridge, opened it again and tried to find something which would at least catch her eyes. From shelf to shelf she run through her eyes and felt nothing. Nothing but her stomach empty. She found a whole fish, with eyes wide open, staring at her blamingly, and for a second she was sure, she heard the fish saying, “You are the reason, why I am dead now.” She felt disgusted and shut the fridge while a shiver run down on her spines. “What is going on? Is this a joke or what?” She asked herself weirded out. She walked towards the kitchen door, to ask her flatmate if he wanted to prank her. She pushed down the handle, entered the room. It was the kitchen again. She turned her head back, look behind confused and the exact same room was on both of sides of the doorstep, the same furniture, same cabinets with the same cans in them. Every single tile was the exact same. She got concerned and headed towards the door on the other side to get out of there, but it was the same kitchen again. Her heart was almost jumping out of her chest, she was already questioning her sanity. She started running like a lunatic, she was dashing between the rooms, until she run out of her breath and fell on her knees, realizing, she was trapped in an endless circle of the exact same kitchen. As she was gasping on the floor, her stomach was rumbling so loud, it was unrealistic.
She wanted to shout for help, but she was not even sure anymore if she had a flatmate. She curled herself up, hugging her stomach, trying to hold down the more and more aggressive growling sounds shooting out from her body. She could not tell, how long she was lying on the cold floor, hours or maybe even days. It felt like one eternal second. 

She did not feel hungry anymore, this was something else, something evil slowly eating her up from the inside bite after bite, piece after piece. There was nothing else to feel anymore but the void spreading inside her. There was nothing else anymore. Slowly she acquiesced with the fact that she is going to die. The darkness gently suffused everything around her.

When she opened her eyes, she was standing in front of the fridge with a growling stomach.

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