10 reasons why dogs are our best friends

Around a year ago I was sitting in a car,

with a warm, dirty towel on my lap. In the towel, there was a puppy hiding. A little, 8 weeks old mix breed puppy with all of the world’s hope and trust in his eyes.

At that point of my life,

I was living on my own, in a foreign country and I wanted a friend. A true friend. All my family and friends were worried if I was ready for such responsibility. If I really wanted to commit myself for the next fifteen years. But I knew, I was sure, that I didn’t want anything more than this. 

Here are 10 reasons, why dogs are our best friends:

1. There is that saying, Be the person your dog thinks you are. Dogs love their owners no matter what, more than anything on Earth. Dogs are the only creatures, which love you more than themselves.


2. Dogs are always happy to see you, and they show how much with all the tail wags and kisses. Even if you just left for a quick trip to the shop. Your dog will be happy to reunite with you.


3. You can always trust a dog. If you have a good relationship with a dog once, you will have it forever. Dogs don’t leave, don’t cheat or mistreat the ones they love.


4. Dogs are good partners for workout. Just look at this fancy yoga position!


5. Dogs can cheer you up if you are having a bad day. If you are sad, they are sad, so they will try their best to make you happy with their love, caring and cuteness.


6. A dog can teach you how to enjoy the moment. And how small things can make us happy.


7. They make us spend more time out and show us how to enjoy nature.


8. Dogs teach you how to be patient and tolerant. They are cute even when they are naughty.


9. Eating is so much more fun in company. You will never ever have to eat alone if you have a dog.


10. Dogs can help with your work/homework. And if not, at least you can use them as an excuse: I am sorry my dog ate my homework.


+1. The paw smell!


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